Friday, August 24, 2012

Tuesday will be here faster than I can imagine. Really it is more like a Monday night to me since I am a night person who stays up late every night. I am talking about my 1st hip replacement operation... My 2nd one will be in a few months from now. Am I scared? Am I scared? Not of the operation as much as of the idea of moving. Everyone likes to have that security of knowing you have somewhere to call home, that will always be there, and you can keep all your sentimental BS at. Well, when you remove that security, it does strange things to your stomach, and your equilibrium, and your arms and legs and especially your fingers and hands. So, am I scared of leaving my home? Nawwwwww...but my hands fingers legs and stomach are, I guess... I will be fine, as long as I don't let myself think about anything serious for a couple weeks, right? RIGHT!!! Thanks Blogger, for letting me confide in you.

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