Monday, December 10, 2012

Save $$$ on Organic Concentrates

If you are spending way to much $$$$ for your meds, paying up to $50 for 3 1/2 grams of bud--------that's almost $12 a GRAM.
Why not learn what people all around the world have already learned; that you get WAY more bang-for -the-buck when you smoke HASHISH or any other concentrated form of Medical marijuana.
Hashish is made by removing all the THC (stuff that gets you stoned), from the flowers and concentrating it, removing the majority of contaminants and inert parts of the plant.
This allows the patient to get more of the desired effects while consuming next to zero parts of the plant that can often cause unwanted side effects. These parts that are eliminated also help reduce the tar and negative aspects caused by smoking. Another benefit, of smoking concentrates is that they are basically pre-prepared for vaporizers  No more having to use grinders and pull seeds and stems for you r vaporizer especially if you stick to the ORGANIC forms of Hashish. The only way to make organic hash is to start with organic marijuana; and concentrate the THC particles using NO water, solvents or chemicals whatsoever. The only way to make truly organic hash is by using only pressure and a small amount of heat if necessary.
Other types of hashish use ice, water, or harsh artificial solvents to extract the THC and when this is done in a typical patients kitchen stetting, these solvents and chemicals never seem to get fully extracted and end up in your medicine. This is not a good thing, butane, propane, high octane alcohols all are know to cause serious health problems if smoked or even when vaporizing. Especially for people with weakened immune systems and the elderly. When you buy organic hash; you save$ money $$$and do yourself a favor physically.
Lets do the math:
Unlike WAX, BHO. and full melt bubble hash, amber crunch, amber glass, and any other hyped hash oil derivatives, organic hash never used any of those types of chemicals so you can be 100% sure you wont be smoking those chemicals when you medicate. Also, if you are like me, you really like the distinct taste and flavors each marijuana strain has. Any type of bubble type of hash or full melt use a water and ice extraction method which, unfortunately, removes all the smell and flavor. You wont be able to taste the difference between hash made from Blue Dream and hash made from Bubba Kush. Another good thing organic hash is usually much cheaper than these highly hyped chemical solvent based waxes or other gimmicks. a typical wax costs $50 a gram and is very, very hard to work with. There is also a large amount of waste, simply from transferring the product from the container to your smoking device. So, like the Europeans and many locals are beginning to see, the best bang--for - the - buck is definitely organic hash.
You still get to enjoy all the aroma and flavors of smoking the flowers but you still get a much more concentrated and intense effect for mere pennies extra over the cost of the flowers. Many times you can even find organic hash for less than the flowers. Organic hash is very easy to work with you treat it exactly like you treat your flowers, only using a lot less because of it concentrated form. There is virtually no waste when using organic hash put it directly into your vaporizer  bong, bubbler, chillum, hooka, or any other device you use to ingest your medicine. For those of you who really enjoy the waxes and oils due to there high potency doesn't  it make more sense to use organic hashish and make your own wax or oil so that you can be sure all solvents have been extracted to your satisfaction. To me its simple medical marijuana flowers almost $12 a gram potency of 13-24 % THC
Waxes and oils run you up to $50 a gram and are hard to verify weights potency anywhere from 50-85 % while organic hash can sell for $6-8 a gram on the low end, but typically sells for $10 a gram and the potency is still three times that found in typical top shelf medical marijuana flowers. So it does not take a genius to see where the best bang-for the buck lies.  Call 916 896 9818 for EZ delivery in Sac area.

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